Monday, April 15, 2013

Film Review: Life of Pi

Film of adaptation of book by Yann Martel

Film Directed by: Ang Lee

The story may compare to 2000 film Cast Away, where Pi (Piscine Molitor Patel) - main character of the story and Richard Parker - a Bengal tiger were drove away from a sinking ship.

It's a story of patience, survival and hope. There are many points of the story that I can relate about. Like Pi getting friendship with a wild tiger.

I remember when i was a kid, we have a pet dog. I am afraid of this dog because it's not a typical dog you can tame about - it's an "askal" or a street dog in our local term. Our dog used to guard on our front door. Whenever I pass through our front door, this dog is at threatening stance, It look like it would bite me any moment I pass. I give it food every time i pass. Weeks passed, I continue with the routine and It's treating me back that time as his owner.

Another point I can relate about Pi is that he tried to join different religion. With my current belief, I'm sticking with one religion but I am not a full pledge devotee. I believe there's God who created us but I just leave it to that we can't scientifically explain where, what, who is God.

Lesson I learn from this film is - don't lose hope though you're on a misarable situation like floating at the center of the sea. Moment that there are no ways to survive, just wait, think calmly and things that can brought up ways will find you.