Sunday, February 15, 2015

Short Film: Give & Take, a short film directed by Boan Wang

Ning was the center of attraction in class but she's now in a crisis because of a random prank. And her friendship with Yun is also at stake.

Director: Boan Wang
Genre: Drama
Topics: Friendship, Coming-of-age
Country: Taiwan
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English
Release Date: June 2013

Festivals & Awards:

  • Vladana Terčová Award (Presented By Humanitarian Feature), International Student Film Festival Písek (Czech Republic), 2014 
  • Nominated, Golden Harvest Awards, Best Student Short Fiction (Taiwan), 2014 
  • Official Selection, International Competition Of Short Films For Kids And Teenagers, Athens International Short Film Festival, 2014 
  • Official Selection, International Competition Of Student Films, Zlín Film Festival (Czech Republic), 2014 
  • Official Screening, No Gloss Film Festival (UK), 2014 
  • Official Selection, Youth Way-Light Film Festival Of MOCA Taipei (Taiwan), 2014

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  1. i should start watching this video, i am intrigued!

  2. It's nice appreciating short films. I think it's harder to do short films because you have a lot of limitations.

  3. Thanks for sharing this short film. I rarely see short films.

  4. What a multi-awarded piece! More people should take time to watch short films as they communicate high impact messages in such a short period

  5. It' s light yet it pulls the heart of the audience. I liked and enjoy the short film

  6. interesting film...its nice that it has an english subtitle

  7. bookmarked this so I can watch it when I have the 28 minutes. It looks interesting.

  8. I can somehow relate to these kinds of videos just because it happened to my batch back when I was in high school.

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  10. this film reminds me of my high school years. especially the friends and enemies i made
    during adolescents and of course some fluffly love stories in between. i wish you could have also given a a longer gist of what is the story about so that we have more reasons to click that play button quicker.