Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Day After (1983)

St. Francis School, Sta. Ana, Manila (circa 2003) - I'm in the middle row, sleepy as usual. I show no interest on the lecture of my terror Religion/Philosophy Instructor. His lecture is about the implication of war to us, our society, our world. I show no interest not til he turn the projector On and the screen shows an explosion on the atmosphere and in the clip all of the electric devices were shut-off, even the battery of vehicles were shut-off. Then a nuclear missile is flying up in the air, then in a barn, the ground cracked open, a nuke suddenly fly out from it. A nuke hit the city. People were x-ray'ed, vanished, then it was cut-off...

The clip gives me a chilling effect.

His lecture continues. I became interested.