Sunday, May 18, 2014

Godzilla (2014)

I watched Godzilla yesterday which is second to the modern remake of American version of this film. I must say it's worth a watch. I'm satisfied with the film as a whole. But i can't help and notice the long human story scenes.

I'm so eager to see Godzilla arise from the sea but it's almost half an hour already and I'm bored to watch the human story. Since this is first series of Gareth Edwards' Godzilla, I considered the flow of the story as there's much to say what they are, the M.U.T.O. and Godzilla. Around an hour already, the real action begins. I don't need to summarized, I'm spoiling already :P

I praise the team behind this 2014 Godzilla film. They maintain Godzilla's trait like when it's about to breathe fire, Its back shines. Godzilla's physical appearance closely resembles what's in the first Japanese series and now is more realistically looking. The Godzilla roar have improved. And comparing it to 1998 Godzilla film, the 2014 is much better.

If ever they'll do a sequel to this version which is i think they will not (see Wiki here), I suggest the following:

  • please lengthen the fight between Godzilla and the M.U.T.O. I think, It needs more focus than human story. Balance the story between the human character and Godzilla. It's Godzilla's film, not the human cast. Godzilla deserve to appear more in the camera.
  • add more Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism (M.U.T.O.) or whatever they call it. Revive Godzilla's enemies from the Japanese series. It would be awesome!
  • please give alias to M.U.T.O. not that we just know it's a M.U.T.O, they also deserve to be named. If they'll do a sequel, they must name them.

Enjoy watching the film too.


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