Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Day After (1983)

St. Francis School, Sta. Ana, Manila (circa 2003) - I'm in the middle row, sleepy as usual. I show no interest on the lecture of my terror Religion/Philosophy Instructor. His lecture is about the implication of war to us, our society, our world. I show no interest not til he turn the projector On and the screen shows an explosion on the atmosphere and in the clip all of the electric devices were shut-off, even the battery of vehicles were shut-off. Then a nuclear missile is flying up in the air, then in a barn, the ground cracked open, a nuke suddenly fly out from it. A nuke hit the city. People were x-ray'ed, vanished, then it was cut-off...

The clip gives me a chilling effect.

His lecture continues. I became interested.
I actually asked the title of the film. I got the title but i can't find a copy back that time in the local store. Then i eventually forgot it all.

Now that i reminisced the moment above, I tried to look for list of apocalyptic films. I found a streaming copy on YouTube:

I know it's classic and the quality isn't good compared to films nowadays. But it's worth watching because it shows highly probable events that might happen in the future given with current territorial disputes of some countries, you know what i mean.

Let me know your thought after watching this film and discuss it on the comment box of this post.


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