Sunday, March 8, 2015

Anime Short Film: Dareka no Manazashi by Makoto Shinkai

Japanese title Dareka no Manazahi or Someone's Gaze in English is an anime short film by Makoto Shinkai. Makoto Shinkai first popularly known for his 5 Centimeters per Second release this short film along with his another drama animation titled "The Garden of Words" (released May 2013).

It was publicly posted in YouTube by Nomura Real Estate Group's ProudChannel from September 2013 to January 2014 (now already down and private: original YouTube post see here -> )

Some YouTube users manage to re-upload it from their channel wherein I am not sure if they have rights for it. You can watch it for free below (see details):

Title: Dareka no Manazashi ( Jap: だれかのまなざし | Eng: Someone's Gaze )
Written & Directed by: Makoto Shinkai
  • CoMix Wave Films
  • NEST
  • TYO M1
  • The Answer Studio Co., Ltd.
Music by: Akihisa Matsuura
Released: February 10, 2013
Runtime: 7 minutes

YouTube Video Uploaded by SakachiSUBS
(this was not uploaded by WWV)

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  1. The animation in this film looks gorgeous. A great find.

  2. Oh my. Finally! A site for watching mangas and undiscovered japanese anime. Will watch this short movie now!

  3. This video is very nice.Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. The anime is short and concise but it tells its story. Nice one.

  5. Wonderful video. It a short span of time, it really tells the story. I am currently watching an anime 'Bento' and I find it really funny.

  6. I would like to live in such a city, the animation definitely got me, it looks so professional!

  7. I rarely watch japanese animated films. This is quite refreshing.

  8. I thought at first that the first part was the one you're showing us, is it? It's been a while since I've sat down to watch anime. I can understand why others go crazy over it.

  9. nice animation..nakaka refresh. thanx for sharing

  10. I have watched 5 centimeters per second! I loved it as much as I love Studio Ghibli. This one is equally short but awesome

  11. The illustrations are superb! This is something my fine arts daughter would love to watch!

  12. Oh my this looks super wonderful. I am definitely watching this one.

  13. Not so much of a fan for anime but surely my friends who love anime would enjoy this

  14. The opening sound reminds me of FFX :)

    The story is very touching.. and I'm glad it didn't end sad (except for the cat)