Saturday, March 21, 2015

Short Film: Horror Mission (恐怖任务), directed by Ng Ken Kin

A local film crew is shooting a horror film in the suburb when the actress playing the ghost is suddenly possessed by a spirit. The film crew doesn't know what to do and decides to send the actress back to the city for help. A production manager and an intern are assigned for this horror mission. Along the journey, the possessed actress suddenly begins to behave creepily…

^ Chinese Translation 一組本地攝製組在郊外拍攝恐怖片時,片中演員突然遭到鬼魂附身。無計可施的製作團只好讓製片主任與實習生將演員載回城市裡求助。路途中,遭附身的演員突然開始了各種恐怖怪異的舉止......

Director: Ng Ken Kin
Genre: Horror
Topics: Community
Country: Malaysia
Language: Chinese

Disclaimer: WWV doesn't own the video posted in this blog. The video is re-shared to reach more audience and also because it's worth-watching. Thanks!


  1. Sorry I didn't watch it. I'm not really into horror movies and stuff.

  2. It's wee hours in the morning here, haha, I don't have the courage to watch the video. From the sound of what you've written, it's really scary. I'm not one into scary trailers at 1am in the morning. :P

  3. I am not fond of horror films because my imagination runs wild! Luckily, it's still early.. :)

  4. hahaha I dont know what to do If I was the driver ....

  5. I love horror movies, they help me release tension, so I would definitely like to watch this one!

  6. I love horror but I get scared easily so I'm not watching this one.. Thanks for sharing.

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